Specializing in Sustainable Car Wash Control Systems


Standard features include:

Main disconnect circuit breaker - Utilizes a microprocessor based over-current protective trip system.

Main disconnect mechanism - Through-the-door rotary handle with padlock device

Pre wired control power sources - pre connected Node-outputs and flexible configuration according to client’s requirements guarantees simplified, time saving field installation

Emergency stop system – Recognizes multiple fault sources and signalizes input(s). Shuts down control voltage disabling all outputs.

Pilot light 24 VAC LED – Indicates system armed and unarmed UPS backup protection – Allows to save and back-up

all configuration data during power failure

Ventilation system – Thermostat-controlled enclosure temperature through filtered, fan-forced air flow

TPC660 industrial touch panel computer - HMI pre-loaded with software, settings, parameters and technical data (software sold separately)

Wireless router – Internet or wireless network communication capability built in.

Interactive documentation - Website integrated schematics and technical documents for easy component identification.