Generations Ahead of the Competition


Laguna® Component Controls

Now running Laguna's exclusive Component Controls software the Laguna® rTC™ incorporates an unprecedented number of advanced features and controls that maximize your tunnel’s efficiency. Explore just how cutting-edge the Laguna rTC really is.

The Laguna® rTC™ allows Remote Access and is Wi-Fi Enabled. The Black Box feature allows for easy trouble shooting with remote diagnostics, wash set-up and programming. Standard features include multiple serial ports, USB, Ethernet, CompactFlash, and PCMCIA ports. 

When it comes to innovation there’s a reason why the the rTC was the recipient of the 2010 International Carwash Association Car Care Expositions (CCWE) Leadership in Innovation award. Explore how the Laguna rTC can revolutionize your tunnel and car wash business.



Outperforms other controllers

Generations ahead of the competition, the Laguna® rTC™ is the industries most advanced and operator friendly controller.  

Used by more equipment manufacturers around the world than any other tunnel controller, the Laguna® rTC™ outperforms and outlasts the competition with unmatched remote access, advanced performance features and extensive reporting tools.

Intelligent web-based tools eliminate the need to be on site to program, monitor, and diagnose your tunnel!